Court Hire

ETDTA has implemented an on-line booking system to provide players with the ability to book and pay for court hire on-line.

ETDTA Inc. are allowing online court hire at Pennant Hills Park Tennis Centre and Midson Road Epping Tennis Centre based on the condition that you agree to fully comply with the current Federal and state-government directives in relation to COVID-19


Update - 12 August, 2020


If you answer YES to any one of these 3 questions, you are obligated to refrain from attending Pennant Hills Park Tennis Centre & Midson Road Epping Tennis Centre.


1. Have you or anyone in your household been unwell or have COVID symptoms?                  Yes/No

2. Have you visited any published HotSpot?  Yes/No

3. Have you travelled overseas/interstate in the last 14 days?   Yes/No 


Upon arrival, all players and spectators are required to check-in at the main clubhouse service window.  Please fill in your name and contact details in line with latest COVID-19 Safety Plan.


Strict COVID-19 rules remain in place for social distancing at all times.  


Click here to access the On-line Booking System
By making an online booking you agree to the following terms and conditions


  • It is your legal and social responsibility to obey the current Federal and state-government directives in relation to COVID-19
  • As a reminder and in addition to those directives please; 


  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Have returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • Have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, tiredness, dry cough)

If you are in a high risk health category (refer TNSW-COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines).

  • Comply with SOCIAL DISTANCING (min 1.5m distance) and WASH/SANITISE your hands before entering the tennis court and after exiting the tennis court.
  • Bring your own tennis racquet, drink bottle, towel and hand sanitiser, and do not touch other hirer’s tennis balls or other equipment.
  • Hornsby Council are performing their own independent patrols of parks in the area to ensure maximum of two people exercising together at any time. The Police are also patrolling, so on the spot fines will apply to court hirers who don’t adhere to the current laws.
  • Toilets at the back of the main clubhouse are for emergency use only.
  • Payments for balls, accessories or other pro-shop purchases can be made by Card only.
  • No walk in or phone bookings are being accepted at this current time.


ETDTA Inc. shall not be liable for payment, wholly or in part, of any fines issued by NSW Police or other authorities to players/patrons who are in breach of current laws, including the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 issued under the Public Health Act 2010.

COVID-19 is a communicable disease and every effort is made to minimise the possibility of transmission at ETDTA-managed premises. However, in this current environment, risks cannot be fully eradicated. ETDTA Inc. shall not be held liable for any injury or health ailment (such as infection by communicable disease) caused by the use of ETDTA-managed facilities. Court hirers do so at their own risk.  




Pennant Hills Park Tennis Centre 

Address: Pennant Hills Park Tennis Centre, off Britannia St, Pennant Hills, 2120.
Court Hire: 9980-7957

Coaching <--- Click for Coaching Information
Courts are available for Casual and Permanent Court Hire.
Sixteen synthetic grass court with lights (three levels), set in a beautiful bushland setting.




Day Time Pricing (No lights)

TIME Casual Member
Full Day $76 $54
Half Day $60 $40
1 hour $22 $16
1 1/2 hours $30 $20
2 hours $36 $24
2 1/2 hours $44 $28
3 hours $51 $32
3 1/2 hours $60 $36
4 hours $66 $40
4 1/2 hours $72 $46


Night Time (With Lights)

 TIME  Casual  Member
1 hr $26 $21
1 1/2 hr $35 $27
2 hr $44 $32
2 1/2 hrs $53 $38
3 hrs $61 $42
3 1/2 $69 $46
4 hrs $78 $50
4 1/2 hrs $85 $54